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卡普兰--建立战略中心型组织.ppt 9页

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* ?2002 Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Inc. All rights reserved. 建立战略中心型组织 卡普兰 绝对原创,包括战略地图,请朋友自己翻译吧,就此还学学外语,要不忘光了! Building Strategy-Focused Organizations with the Balanced Scorecard Dr. Robert S. Kaplan Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Chairman BALANCED SCORECARD COLLABORATIVE How Do We Integrate Human Capital to Organizational Strategy? Financial Perspective Customer Perspective Internal Perspective Learning & Growth Perspective Strategic Competencies Strategic Technologies Climate for Action Roles Skills Applications Infrastructure Leadership Teamwork Alignment Culture ALIGNMENT Operational Excellence Innovation Customer Management Productivity Growth Sustained Shareholder Value Price / Quality Financial Advisor Integrated Offering Trusted Brand Understand Customer Segments Develop New Products Cross-Sell the Product Line Shift to Appropriate Channel Minimize Problems Provide Rapid Response Customer Value Proposition Responsible Citizen Diverse Work Force The Strategy Map Provides the Point of Reference for Assessing Strategic Readiness A Which skills? What leadership attributes? What kind of culture? Aligned with what? Which best practices? Linking the HR Organization to Enterprise Strategy B Human Capital Readiness Report Human Capital Development Program The Enterprise Strategy Map The HR Organization Strategy Map Financials Customer (External) Internal Processes Learning & Growth Shareholder Value Growth Productivity Customer Value Proposition Innovation Customer Management Operations Excellence Good Neighbor Strategic Skills Leader-ship Culture Align-ment Learning Strategic Human Capital Planning Strategic HR Management Shareholder Value Financials Clients & Employees HR Processes HR Org. Learning & Growth HR Effectiveness HR Efficiency Strategic Skills Leader-ship Culture Align-ment Learning Competency Development Leadership Development Climate Goals & Incentives Teams & Integ

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