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2018年高考英语二轮专题复习课件:第3讲形容词和副词共24张.ppt 24页

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结 束 第3讲 形容词和副词 语法项目(一) 随堂巩固训练 语法项目(二) 结 束 第一部分 层级一 集合与常用逻辑用语 自主练悟 ①(2017·桂林市联考)To them, life is a competition — they have to do _______ (good) than their peers to be happy. ②(2017·菏泽市模拟)People who forgive show ____ (little) anger and more hopefulness. ③(2017·成都市模拟)If I meet with school violence, I will not answer violence with violence, for it will result in _____ (much) fighting. ④(2017·上饶市模拟)My life is a lot _____ (easy) at high school because my fellow students have accepted me. ⑤(2017·揭阳市模拟)Certain stores offer discounts of up to 70% or even ______ (high) if people use their credit cards. 自主练悟 ⑥(2017·淮北市模拟)The more you think about it, the ______ (hard) you will fall asleep. ⑦(2017·安徽师大附中阶段性测试)Just being greeted at the door was a joy.They couldn’t be ________ (happy) when seeing me. ⑧(2017·成都市检测)It is the _______ (old) and only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world. ⑨(2017·绵阳市模拟)Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth, is the fifth _______ (large) continent in the world. (2017·银川九中模拟)Of all the cities in the world, one of the top six _________ (healthy) cities is Copenhagen, Denmark. 自主练悟 谨记规律 ①(2017·全国卷Ⅱ)They often get up earlier and water the vegetables together. ____________ ②(2016·全国卷Ⅲ)They were also the best and worse years in my life. ____________ ③(2016·四川高考)The dishes that I cooked were Mom’s favoritest. _________________ ④(2017·牡丹江市模拟)What’s bad, the driver’s information might be unreliable. ___________ ⑤(2017·成都市模拟)Anyway, I’ll get used to living here and hope everything will be more better soon. ______________________ ⑥(2017·九江市模拟)Located in North America, Canada is the second large country with the largest number of lakes in the world. ____________ 1.原级、比较级和最 高级之间的错用。 2.有些词本身就含有 最高级含义,不能 再用最高级,如 favorite, wonderful, exhausted等。 3.比较级的重复:若 形容词和副词后面 加了-er,前面就不 能再用more。 4.固定结构中比较级 的错用,如what’s


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