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中国物流服务能力对服务质量的影响外文中英文翻译可编辑.doc 13页

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中国物流服务能力对服务质量的影响外文翻译 Logistics Service Abilities: An Empirical study of its Impact on Service Quality in China Material Source: //0>.Author: YAN Xiu Abstract: Buyers' expectations regarding customer service have increased dramatically in recent years. Request for tailored or customized service often represent standard business practice today. Research was undertaken to examine: 1 if there are different types of logistics service providers in China, and 2 whether a proposed linkage between logistics abilities and logistics service quality could be documented in this paper. The results show that there are three discernable types of logistics service providers, according to the logistics capacities and logistics capabilities displayed by each type. Further, strong support was found for a linkage between the logistics capabilities and the service quality, weak support was found for a linkage between the logistics capacities and the service quality by using the structural equation model. Keywords: Logistics service providers; logistics capabilities; logistics capacities; logistics service quality; structural equation modeling Introduction Recent logistical trends reflect today's business priorities. Logistics and supply chain management SCM have become important sources of sustainable competitive advantage [1] [2]. Nowadays, many manufacturers and trading enterprisers are seeking to outsource their logistics activities to logistics service providers to introduce products and service innovations quality to their markets [3]. A logistics service provider can be defined as a provider of logistics service that performs all or part of a client company's logistics function [4] [5]. This consists of at least the managing and operating of the transportation and warehousing function. In China, many logistics service providers complete these processes mainly. In order to fully satisfy the increasing requirements of customers for one-stop services, many logistics servi


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