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Revision L75--76 By Bonnie Lesson75 phrases 1.上个月 2.一个月以前 3.一双、一对... 4.几号(尺码)? 5.我恐怕... 6.流行 7.去年/前年 8.看起来不舒服 last month a month ago a pair of... What size? I'm afraid that... in fashion last year / the year before last look uncomfortable 时态 复习: 1. We often___________(play) on the playgound. 2. He _________(get) up at six o'clock. 3. _________ you _________(brush) your teeth every morning? 4. What____ (do) he usually _____(do) after school? 5. Danny _______(study) English, Chinese, Maths, Science and Art at school. 6.Jack ____________ (study) for the English test last Sunday. 7._______ you ______ (go) to the Great Wall last year? does do gets Do brush play studies studied Did go 8. What day _______ (be) it yesterday? 9.The old man _______(be)ill and went to see a doctor. 10.We ________ (have) a party last night. 11.Look, the boy_________________(run)fast. 12.----What are you doing? ----I____________(do) my homework. 13. ---_______the students_________(read) English. ----Yes, they are. was was dad is running am doing Are reading Lesson 77 Terrible toothache By Bonnie Lesson77 New words 1.appointment n.约会、预约 [E'/pCI/nt/mEnt] 2.urgent adj.紧急的、急迫的 ['B:/dWE/nt] 3.till prep. 直到... ...为止 [tI/l] ment oi ur nt --re 1.are [eE] 2.ere [IE]/[eE] 3.ire [aIE] 4.ore [C:] 5.ure [juE]/[HE] Lesson77 phrases 1.预约 2.感觉糟糕 3.(患上)牙疼 4.此刻、现在 5.我恐怕…… 6.直到今天下午 have an appointment feel awful have a (terrible) toothache at the moment= now I'm afraid till this afternoon 1.What time of day is it,do you think? 2.How do you know? a.It's in the morning./Because the nurse says“Good morning.” b.It's in the afternoon./Because the dentist says“Good afternoon.” c.It's in the morning./Because the dentist says“Good morning.” Mr. Croft nurse dentist appointment / No urgent very awful toothache dentist busy at 2 p.m. wait but now can't wait but


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