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初一英语三四单元测试 姓名___________分数__________ 一.根据首字母或中文提示完成句子。(10分) 1. The _______(植物)are on the table. 2. Jack likes _______(数学)very much. 3. My watch is _______(在……下面)the desk. 4. Please t_________ these new books to your classroom. 5.Your baseball is on the ___________(地板). 6. Who is in your __________(房间)? 7. I ___________(需要)a new map. 8. There is an e__________ and a pencil in his pencil case. 9. —W_________is the ID card? —It’s in the drawer. 10. There are three people(人) in my f __________. They are my father, my mother and I. 二、?用所给词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1. I need some _________(thing) for class today. 2. Kate and I _________(be) good friends. 3. Where are his _______________ (dictionary)? 4. There are two __________(photo) on the wall. 5. Are ___________(that) your rulers? 6. Here __________(be) some CDs for you. 7. The girl is ________(he) sister. Do you know ____________(she) name? 8. Do you have a set of ____________(key)? 9. Can I ____________(watch) TV, Mom? 10. They _______________(be not) my grandparents. 三.单项选择(15分) 1. —What are these? —_________some pictures. A. These are?????? B. Those are?????? C. They are?????? D. It is 2. We have a map _____ the wall _______ our classroom. A. of, in?????? B. of, of?????? C. on, in?????? D. on, of 3. I can see a girl and an old man _________Picture 2. A. on B. in C. of D. at 4. Jim, __________is my aunt, Helen. Aunt, ________is my classmate, Jim. A. she; he B. this; this C. she; this D. this, that 5. _________the pen away(拿走) and ________me a pencil, please. A. Take; bring B. Bring; take C. Take; take D. Bring; bring 6. —What are those? —They are three _____ and ____ alarm clock. A. photo; a?????? B. photos; a?????? C. photo; an?????? D. photos; an 7. I have _________uncle. He is a teacher. A. the B. a C. an D. / 8. —Is the book on the bookcase? —___________. A. Yes, it's.?????? B. Yes, it is.???


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