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30 In February last year, my wife lost her job. Just as suddenly, the owner of the greenhouse where I worked as manager died of heart attack. His family announced that they were going to close the business because no one in the family wanted to run it. Things looked pretty gloomy (令人沮丧的). My wife and I read the want a____1____ each day. Then one morning, as I was hanging out the "Going Out of Business" sign at the greenhouse, the door opened, and in walked a c____2____. She was an office manager whose company had just moved into the new office park on the edge of town. She was looking for pots and plants to place in the reception (接待) a____3____ in the offices. “I don't know anything about plants,” she said, “I'm sure in a few weeks they'll all be dead.” While I was helping her choose her purchases, my m____4____ was racing. Perhaps as many as a dozen companies have r____5____ opened offices in the new office park, and there were several hundred more estates with construction underway. That afternoon, I drove out to the office park. By six o'clock that evening, I had signed contracts (合同) with seven companies to rent plants from me and pay me a fee to maintain them. Within a week, I had worked out an a____6____ to lease (租) the greenhouse from the owner's family. Business is now i____7____ rapidly, and one day, we hope to be the proud owners of the greenhouse. 31 You have a stomach-ache, diarrhea (腹泻) and a fever at night after you eat or drink something. You might have food poisoning (中毒)! What should you do? Before going to see the doctor, you may do the following: ? Put your f____1____ into your throat (喉咙). It may help you t____2____ up what you have eaten. ? Drink salty w____3____. ? If the a____4____ two ideas don't help, go to see the doctor at once. The best way is to try to stop it before it h____5____. ? Wash your hands if you're helping mum cook. ? Wash fruits and vegetables well before eating them. ? Take a c____6____ look or smell at the food in the


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