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PAGE PAGE 88 Unit 1 My name’s Gina Period One 课前准备 教师:准备游戏时所用的图片(食物、蔬菜、动物)。 学生:准备表演时所需道具(服装、假发)。 教学设计 Step One :Present the sentence patterns. Play a game “How many words do you know?”(利用小游戏调 动学生的积极性,同时通过对冠军的介绍引出本课。) Teacher: After the study of the first three starters, I think most of the students must have known a lot of words. How many words do you know? Let’s play a game to see who know? Let’s play a game to see who knows the most. (Divide all the students into several groups and show a picture(图片略) to them with the computer. Every group can choose two students to join. They are asked to come to the blackboard and write down the words in 30 seconds.) (Group 2 is the champion group. They can write 11 words.) Introduce the champion group to the class.(引课方式贴近生活,学生易于接受) Teacher: Congratulations, now Group 2 is the champion. But I don’t know your names. Would you like to introduce yourselves to us? S1& S2:Yes. S1:Hello.My name is Li Lei. Nice to meet you. Ss: Hello, Li Lei. Nice to meet you ,too. Ss: Hello! What’s your name? S2:I’m Sun Ping. How do you do? Ss: How do you do ? Step Two: Drills. Make introductions.(通过句型的操练使学生更加熟练掌握所学的句式。) Teacher: The new term begins. Everyone will meet many new classmates. Do you want to make friends with them? If your answer is “yes”, please introduce yourself in your group. Example: Sa: Hello! I’m Li Lei. What’s your name? Sb: My name’s Zhang Feng. Nice to meet you. Sa: Nice to meet you, too. And what’s your name, please? Sc: Lin Li. How do you do? Sa:How do you do? Listen and number the conversations. Teacher: Today I have good news for you. Three new students will come to our class. They are from other countries. Do you want to know them? Let’s listen to the recording of 1b in Section A. (Students listen to the tape and give the right answers.) Step Three: Make friends. Make new friends.(用谈话的方式完成任务,生动活泼,同时更容易向学生进行美德教育。) Teacher: Now everyone has some new friends. Do you want others to know them? Do you want more friends? Le


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