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Unit 1 Festivals around the world Using Language Modal Verb practice 1. He’s ten, but he still _______ read. 2. The door is open. Someone _______ have come in while I was out. 3. _______ I have a look at my test scores? 4. --Must we hand in homework now? --No, you______________________. can’t must May don’t have to/needn’t Story of Qiqiao Festival Chinese Valentine’s Day the seventh day of the seventh lunar month 乞 巧 节 Feb. 14th Read Para.3(3min) Introduction Zhinu, the _______ girl, the most l_____ of the daughters, visited the earth and met Niulang, the _______ boy. Development They f___ ___ _____ , married secretly and were very happy. Climax? ['kla?m?ks] (高潮) The Goddess of Heaven got so angry that she forced Zhinu back to ________.Niulang tried to f_______her but was stopped by the Milky Way. Thus, the c_______ were separated. Ending The Goddess of Heaven allowed the couple to meet once a year on the ______ day of the s_______ l_______ month when magpies made a _________ of their wings. weaving herd ell in love Heaven ollow ouple seventh eventh unar bridge ovely about Li Fang and Hu Jin on Valentine’s Day another story coffee shop heart-broken not turn up Li Fang Hu Jin (Read the rest paragraphs.) 4min heart-broken not keep her word being laughed at look forward to alone with his roses and chocolates like a fool What was his feeling at that moment? Read P1 not to hold his breath for her to apologize drown his sadness in coffee = wait without much help =drink (usually alcohol) in order to forget tea shop Why are you so late? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. ve been waiting for The ending? Introduction Li Fang was waiting alone at the ________ shop with his roses and chocolates ,but Hu Jin didn’t ______ ______ .He thought she would keep her w_______. Feeling like a ______, he would _________ his sadness in coffee. Development Li Fang watched


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