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外研版高中英语必修1 Module 1《my first day at senior high》第一课时课件.ppt 36页

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8. instruction n. 指示;说明(常用复数) an instruction book 说明书 instruct vt. 指导 instruct sb to do sth 指导某人做某事 P4 吃药之前请先读一下说明。 Read the instructions before you take the medicine. 9. attitude n. attitude to/towards sb/sth/doing sth (1) Describe your attitude to studying English. (2) What’s your attitude to him? (3) He took a friendly/hostile attitude to us. P5 10. behaviour n. She was ashamed of her children's bad behaviour. behave vi. behave well/badly behave like a gentleman/lady Behave yourself! P5 11. in other words = that is to say 换言之;也就是说 (1) His hair grew gray, in other words, he is old. (2) We have passed college entrance examination, that is to say, we’re college students now. P6 12. 英语倍数表达: (1) A + be + times + as +原级+ as B. Our room is twice as large as theirs. (2) A + be + times + 比较级 + than B. Our room is twice larger than theirs. (3) A + be + times + the + n + of B. Our room is twice the length/ width/ size of theirs. P6 13. look forward to … 盼望 + n/v-ing. pay attention to … 注意 (1) The old lady is looking forward to seeing her lost son. (2) Please pay more attention to your pronunciation and handwriting. P6 The letter we looked forward to _____ last Sunday. A. comes B. coming C. came D. to come Homework 假如你是Jim,进入高中后认识了一些新同学和新老师,请你给你初中时的好朋友Peter写一封信,介绍一下你的学校及学习生活情况。词数80-100。 感谢各位老师! 祝: 身体健康 万事如意 from his old schoo * My First Day at Senior High Module One 第一课时 Lead-in (Discuss and compare) Everybody , you have studied in your new school for over 3 months before we know it. Before you came here , all of you studied in different schools, now I will give you some time to think what the main differences and similarities between Junior High school and Senior High school. 1 Do you think that work at Senior High school is harder than that at Junior High school? 2 Are Senior High teach


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