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(山东专用)2020届高考英语一轮复习专题十三形容词和副词课件.pptx 23页

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专题十三 形容词和副词; A组????2017—2019年高考模拟·考点基础题组 题组一 形容词;3.(2019浙江台州5月模拟,60)The doctor explained the situation to her little brother, and asked the little boy if he would be   ????(will) to give his blood to his sister.;题组二 副词 1.(2019山东青岛胶南一中月考,65)They covered themselves with grease and dirt and went to the dean's office   ????(nervous).;3.(2019山东荣成六中检测,64)Fans from around the world gathered   ????(cheerful) to celebrate their love of Hello Kitty. ;5.(2018山东济南高三一模, 66)Though it's just a snack, it's still quite filling and can   ???? (easy)satisfy your appetite.;B组????2017—2019年高考模拟·专题综合题组 题组一 形容词;3.(2019山东济南外国语学校二模,69) For example, if you are learning a language, try to actively remember  ???? (regular) verbs.;5.(2019 浙江宁波4月模拟,65)This gives the brightest and best students an opportunity to experi- ence the benefits of studying at a   ???? (globe) Top 100 university. ;题组二 副词 1.(2019山东泰安4月二模,70)China Mobile's Shanghai branch tapped Huawei's 5G Digital In- door System,which is currently the industry's only   ???? (commercial)available system for 5G indoor coverage.;3.(2019山东安丘市、诸城市、五莲县、兰山区4月模拟,61)Despite failing in mathematics, Qian   ???? (successful) entered the Department of Foreign Language under Tsinghua University in 1929.;5.(2019山东滨州5月二模,69) For another, 6G will connect our devices   ???? (efficiently) than 5 G, which makes Internet coverage much wider. ;C组????2017—2019年高考模拟·应用创新题组 Passage 1 It was around half a year ago. I went to a  1????(China) restaurant with my 10-year-old daughter. As we were eating  2????(taste)Wonton(馄饨),we found that a young lady didn't have enough money when she finished ordering. My daughter and I helped her and offered her a bowl of Won- ton. A few days  3????, we met the lady again in the same restaurant. When she began to order, she saw us and came over to our table. My daughter got up to hug her happily. She said it was very  4???? (luck) to see us in the restaurant. The lady kept talking about our kindness excitedly. Later,


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