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中职英语第四册 Teaching objectives 1 Revision Pre-reading 2 Reading (Bathtub Effect) While-reading While-reading 【拓展训练】 Unit 3 What’s Their Number Again? Reading and Writing (Passage A:Bathtub Effect) 【 Focuses】 get the main idea of the passage. use reading strategies such as skimming, scanning and so on. Know how to improve their memory. 【 Difficulties】 What we will learn to: know the phenomenon of “Bathtub Effect”. 单 词 思 忆 短 语 回 顾 1. magic adj. 有魔力的 2. stage n. 舞台 3. cheat n. 骗子 4. swallow v. 吞没 5. stand out 出色,杰出 6. encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 7. stay up 熬夜 8. throw a party 举办宴会 Revision Reading Laguage Points Practice Role-play Work with a partner. Role-play the following situation. Use the conversation strategy on Page 41. Revision Reading Laguage Points Practice Your friend is asking you when the class meeting will be held. You’re not sure whether it will be 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. this evening. Bathtub Effect 2 Reading Revision Reading Laguage Points Practice The 'bathtub effect' is perhaps the most commonly reported finding in the literature on memory for words. People remember the beginnings and ends of words better than the middles, as if the words were a person lying in a bathtub, with their head out of the water at one end and their feet out at the other. And, just as in a bathtub the head is further out of the water and more prominent than the feet, so the beginnings of words are, on average, better remembered than the ends. “浴缸效应”大概是与背单词有关的文献记录中最常见的一个现象了。人们记单词的时候, 对词的头和尾往往比中间部分记得更牢。这就好像单词是躺在浴缸里的一个人,头和脚都露出水面。而同时,头露出水面的部分往往比脚要多,而且比脚更加显眼。 因此,单词的开头部分一般都比结尾部分更容易被记住。 Revision Reading Laguage Points Practice 2 3 1 Listen to the recording of Passage A. Skimming: Read the passage quickly. Intensive-reading Revision Reading Laguage Points Practice Activity 1: Read passage A and tick (√) true or false. 1.The middles of words are usually more noticeable and hence easier to remember.


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