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    Confucius on People: ren ( 仁 ) and li ( 礼 ) 31 2020/4/7 Philosophical implications of li : the meaning of burial rituals ? While individuals have a limited lifespan, life in nature is everlasting. ? Life is given by one's parents and extended through one's children. ? A limited, individual life becomes merged with the limitless life of nature; the individual dream of eternal life can thus come true. Confucius on People: ren ( 仁 ) and li ( 礼 ) 32 2020/4/7 ? Through burial rituals and ancestral worship rituals, people are able to experience the everlasting continuity of life, appreciating the value and meaning of life. Confucius on People: ren ( 仁 ) and li ( 礼 ) 33 2020/4/7 Confucius' influence on education ? Confucius was the first figure in Chinese history to initiate private education. Before that, education was the privilege of the nobility. ? As a great educator , Confucius has been admired by later generations as the “sage of sages ( 至圣 )”. Confucius on the State of life 34 2020/4/7 Confucius' education practice ? Confucius taught for many years and trained 3,000 disciple, of whom 72 excelled in the “six arts ( 六艺 )”, i.e., ritual, music, archery, (carriage) driving, calligraphy, and mathematics. Confucius on the State of life 35 2020/4/7 Confucius' ideology on education ? The basic goal of education — to cultivate “persons of virtue” with sound character and uplifted minds, able to shoulder important social responsibilities and to make contributions to society. ? The general principles of education — lofty ideals, great virtue (the most important), love of people, and the “six arts”. Confucius on the State of life 36 2020/4/7 Confucius' emphasis on aesthetic education “Studying The Book of Songs ( Shijing ) inspires the spirit and helps one appreciate beauty. Studying The Book of Rites ( Zhouli ) enables one to behave properly as a person of enlightenment. Studying music lifts the spirit and helps one to enjoy life (


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