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4400/4H Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics Paper 4H Higher Tier Friday 11 June 2010 - Afternoon Time: 2 hours Materials required for exam in ati on Items in cluded with questi on papers Ruler graduated in cen timetres and Nil millimetres, protractor, compasses, pen, HB pencil, eraser, calculator. Tracing paper may be used. In struct ions to Can didates In the boxes above, write your centre nu mber, can didate nu mber, your sur name, in itials and sig nature. Check that you have the correct questi on paper. An swer ALL the questio ns. Write your an swers in the spaces provided in this questi on paper. You must NOT write on the formulae page. Anything you write on the formulae page will gain NO credit. If you need more space to complete your answer to any question, use additional an swer sheets. In formatio n for Can didates The marks for in dividual questi ons and the parts of questi ons are show n in round brackets: e.g. (2). There are 22 questions in this question paper. The total mark for this paper is 100. You may use a calculator. Advice to Can didates Write your answers neatly and in good English. N36905A IGCSE MATHEMATICS 4400 FORMULA SHEET HIGHER TIER P\iliagora5> b of cone = | Ttrh C im ed surface area of cone —利 J Xfalume of sphere = yn? °PP opp adj = hyp x cos 0 hyp x sin (i adj x Un W In any triangle ABC or hyp B x length hyp Cosine mle: ;r= 十 P - 2加? ct>s J Area of tnangle = -y ab sin C Circumference of circle = 2nr Atm of ciiclt - ki" Area of a trapezium = *(乜 + t>)h \i*lume of cylinder = jrr^hCun ed surface area of cylindtr = \i*lume of cylinder = jrr^h Cun ed surface area of cylindtr = 2 ftrh The solutions of ax1+ bx + c = Q. 承 hfi亡 a 0. are given by -b- Jlr - 4ac x- 2a An swer ALL TWENTY TWO questio ns. Write your an swers in the spaces provided. You must write dow n all stages in your work ing. Solve 6 y - 9 = 3 y + 7 y = (Total 3 marks) The diagram shows two tow ns, A and B, on a map. By measurement, find the bearing of B from A. ⑵ C is ano ther tow n. T


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