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2015年10月河北名师讲堂人教版高中英语必修五课件:unit 1 the Great scientists reading John Snow Defeats King Cholera公开课教学课件共45张PPT(共45张PPT) .ppt 45页

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Prepare a lecture in a group of 3 or 4. Suppose you are John Snow. You are delivering a lecture on your defeat of cholera. After the lecture, your partners may ask you some questions. The following map may help you. Production ---Lecture Time 1854 outbreak Mark on the map Pump/water Many deaths No deaths Water was to blame Test the theory Two more deaths I am honored to stand here to deliver a speech on… Thanks for your listening. Lecture Time: What matters is not how well the students perform but whether the students feel free to express themselves in class. When to correct the students’ mistakes? Progress What will happen? What’s your feeling? Something similar is happening around us!! Tragedy or comedy? … … Arm yourselves with knowledge and courage to defeat both terrifying diseases and prejudice(歧视). Write a short passage titled “Is it over? ” or “I need a hug.” or “ who is to blame?”. Find some more information about infectious diseases and John snow. 1854 outbreak Mark on the map Pump/water Many deaths No deaths Water was to blame Test the theory Two more deaths Ideal Blackboard Design 反思: 1. Spread myself too thin. 2. How to deal with the 7 stages? 3. Does the Part Progress go too far? Under the Volcano: He hurried to a place from which others were fleeing and held his course directly into danger. Lessen the stress Sharpen the ears Loosen the tongues Deepen the understanding Strengthen the abilities Freshen the ideas Broaden the horizons Brighten the life Advice on how to Teach Reading * * 张永辉 石家庄实验中学 M5. Unit1 1. Teaching material 2. Students 3. Teaching methods 4. Teaching procedure 5. Reflection Content and Status Material processing Aims 说教材 Content and status 如何战胜霍乱 话题,功能,语法的载体 学习科学品质 Aims General aim Specific aim 6级阅读目标: 1. 能从一般文字资料中获取主要信息; 2.能利用上下文和句子结构猜测词义; 3.能根据上下文线索预测故事情节的发展; 4.能根据阅读目的使用不同的阅读策略; 5.能通过不同信息渠道查找所需信息; 6.除教材外,课外阅读量应累计达到19万词以上。 三维目标: Knowledge and Skills: Main idea; 2.Skimming, Scanning… 3. Able to retel


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