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had just done… when … 刚做完,突然…… be about to do … when … 正要… 突然… = be on the point of doing … when … It’s rude of sb. to do sth. Unit 3 Language points 1. This unit is a play based on a short story by Mark twain. be based on e.g. The novel is based on his own experiences. ______ on his own experiences, his novel attracts many young people. A. Being based B. Basing C. Based D. To base 以…为基础/基于… 2. He was brought up in Hannibal. bring up 抚养/养育,提出 辨析: bring about 导致,引起 bring in 引进,收获 bring back 回想,恢复 bring on 呈现 (2011福建) Born into a family with three brothers, David was ____ to value the sense of sharing. brought up B. turned down C. looked after D. held back 3. He is best known for his novels set in his boyhood world on the river. be set in e.g. The novel is set in London in the 1960s. 辨析: set up 建立 set off 出发;引起;动身;使爆炸 set out 出发;开始;陈述;陈列 set about着手;开始做… set aside留出 ; 忽视 set down放下;记下;确定 以…为背景 4. scene n. 现场, 场面,景色,(戏剧)一场 ①Firefighters were on the scene immediately. ②The rocking boats along the river bank make a beautiful scene. ③The boy led his mother to the scene of the accident. ④The scene in the hospital is very moving. ⑤The last scene of the play was very impressive. behind the scenes 在后台, 在幕后, 暗中 on the scene 在/到现场 come on the scene 登场 ②scene指展现在眼前的情景, 也可经指scenery的一部分, 指某处小范围的景色, 大多包括景物中的人及活动, 可译为 “情景”, “景色”, “场面”, “(戏剧)一场” ③view是指人以一定的角度(或从远处或从高处等)所看到的景色,还有 “观点”, “看法”的意思. ④sight 是眼睛所看到的景象, 可以指美丽的风景,也可以指悲惨的景象, 用其复数sights表示名胜古迹, 人文景观等. scenery/scene/view/sight ①scenery 是总称, 指大范围的自然风光,是由多个scene构成的景色, 常译为 “景色”, “风景”. On the top of Mount Tai, you can get a wonderful _____ of the sunrise. Seeing the happy _____ of children playing in the park, I’m of joy and confidence in the future of our country. We passed through some beautiful _______ on our journey through this district. The Summer Palace is one of th

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