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本科生毕业论文(设计) 题目:On the influence of Chinese context in English learning 论汉语语言环境对英语学习的影响 系 部 外语系 学科门类 英语 专 业 英语师范 学 号 姓 名 查银萍 指导教师 邵练练 2011年5月10日 On the Influence of Chinese Context in English Learning Written by: Zha Yinping Supervised by: Shao Lianlian Foreign Languages Department Hefei Normal University May 2011 独创性声明 本人声明所呈交的毕业论文(设计)是本人在指导教师指导下进行的研究工作及取得的研究成果。据我所知,除了文中特别加以标注和致谢的地方外,论文中不包含其他人已经发表或撰写过的研究成果,也不包含为获得合肥师范学院或其他教育机构的毕业证书或学位证书而使用过的材料。与我一同工作的同志对本研究所做的任何贡献均已在论文中作了明确的说明并表示谢意。 作者签名:      签字日期: 年 月 日 指导教师签名:       签字日期:    年  月  日 Acknowledgements My idea for the thesis sprang from the enlightenment of Ms. Shao Lianlian, my tutor, to whom I owed great gratitude and appreciation. She gave me invaluable institutions and encouragement. In the process of composing this paper, she gives me much academic and constructive advice and helps me to correct my paper. Moreover, I am deeply grateful to those teachers who gave me much help these four years, such as Mr. Jiang Daohua, Mr. Wang Quanjie, Ms. Yang Wei, and Mr. Fan Dongsheng. They benefited me a lot with sparkling ideas in their lectures. My indebtedness also goes to my roommates, who offer me excellent advice and environment to write my paper. Finally, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to those who spend their precious time in reading this thesis. On the Influence of Chinese Context in English Learning Abstract A good mastery of English has become a must for all the students in China because of frequent communication among countries. It is easy for the students to get access to English. And our country lays stress on fostering English talents. But the present situation of English learning is that many people have labored on it but only to find it is a waste of time and energy. This thesis analyzes the factors affecting the Eng


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