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Fill in the blanks(4分) 4.There are lots of interesting things ___________(see). 5.What about _______ (划船) a boat this weekend? 6.The girl with _________ hair is Annie.(gold). 7.There are many ________(旅馆) in the town centre. 1.在故宫的一天 2.不要错过他们 3.金色宝座 4.艺术品 5.中国画 Translate the phrases.(5分) 6.还有很多 7.划船 8.在你的旅馆前面 9.有许多东西可以看 10.全面了解中国的历史 1.明天我们在你的宾馆前见面怎么样? _______________________________ 2.奉先殿有很多艺术品可以看 There are ___________________________ in Fengxian Palace. 3.不要错过本周末的会议 ______________________this weekend. 4.在学校有很多东西可以学 There are ______________________ at school. Useful expressions: Would you like to go to … ? What can we see/ do there? How far is it from…? How can we go there? What time shall we meet? Where shall we meet? …… Let’s plan a day out! A: Would you like to go to Zhongshan Park this weekend? B: That sounds great. How far is it from our school? A: It takes about ten minutes by bus. B: What can we do there? A: We can see different kinds of flowers there. B: Oh, that’s wonderful. What time shall we meet? A: What about 9 a.m. this Sunday? B: No problem. But where shall we meet? A: Let’s meet at the school gate. B: OK. See you this Sunday. 1.I like Chinese______________(paint)very much. 2.This picture is one of the greatest ______ (work)of art in the world. 3.He often ________(错过)the early bus in the morning. paintings works misses Fill in the blanks (3分) to see rowing golden hotels a day at the Palace Museum Don’t miss them the golden throne works of art Chinese paintings Translate the phrases. (5分) many more row a boat in front of your hotel There are many things to see. learn all about China’s history ( )1.Jack is busy because he has too much


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