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新人教PEP版六年级英语上册《句子与情景交际真题专项归类卷》(附答案).doc 7页

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PAGE 句子与情景交际真题专项归类卷 一、单项选择。(20分) ( ) 1. (2014河南新密) Are you going to ________ books tomorrow? A. reading B. reads C. read ( ) 2. (2014安徽蚌埠) I like ________ basketball and he likes kung fu. A. play B. plays C. playing ( ) 3. (2014河南三门峡) I ________ be a music teacher one day. A. want B. want to C. wants to ( ) 4. (2013湖南岳阳) My father works in a factory. He is a ________. A. worker B. watch C. dancer ( ) 5. (2015河南新乡) Please come to my birthday party ________ 6 p.m. ________ Saturday. A. at; on B. in; at C. at; in ( ) 6. (2014山东邹城) In China drivers drive on the ________ side of the road. A. left B. right C. two ( ) 7. (2013广西贺州) Sam eats all the fish. His sister is ________ with him. A. deep B. more C. angry ( ) 8. ________ are you going to the supermarket? This morning. A. Where B. What C. When ( ) 9. (2014河南商丘) Where is the ________? It’s near the science museum. A. post office B. know C. excuse ( ) 10. (2015云南昆明) 你的朋友生病了,你会提醒他: A. Don’t be sad. B. You should see a doctor. C. You should take a deep breath. 二、圈出合适的单词,完成句子。(10分) 1. (2013安徽太和) Wow! A talk/talking robot! It’s so cool! 2. (2014河南三门峡) Do/Does your pen pal pel live in Beijing? 3. Her grandpa is ill. She is very worry/worried now. 4. (2013云南曲靖) Sarah is going to studies/study Chinese next year. 5. (2014湖南岳阳) It’s Sunday today. Let’s go hiking/hike. 6. Sometimes Wu Yifan go/goes to school on foot. 7. (2014重庆) Amy wants to be a science/scientist in the future (未来). 8. My uncle is a businessman. He often goes to many country/countries. 9. (2013 安徽宿州) Jack is writing/write an email to his pen pal. 10. If you type quick/quickly, yon can be a secretary. 三、根据图片写出一个句子。(10分) 1. (2014河南新密) _____________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________ 3. (2013广西崇左) _____________________________________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________________________________


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