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Closing结束语 360 Degree Branding is more complicated but not that complicated 360度有点复杂,但并不是很复杂 The basis is two group meetings - front and back 基础是两次团队的会议(前期和后期) It doesn’t happen naturally 它不会自然的发生 The big enemy is integration 最大的敌人是整合 Red Fire is the passion that drives us 红色火焰是驱动我们的热情 Pre-eminent creative force 卓越的创意力量 Best people最好的人员 Most valued by those who most value brands被珍惜品牌的人所赏识 360 Degree without Red Fire reverts back to integration 没有红色火焰的360度将会回到整合的阶段 * * * * * the set up of a proprietary database coordinated use of the database for single and multibrand communications * * Vision and Values Ask if everyone has seen these statements/ are familiar with them Ask what they mean/ probe Ask what are their implications - immediate/ long term What should we be doing differently as a result? How have they changed us - People - Process - Profit Why have they not changed us as much as they should have? Link back to the ‘least interesting’ issues - draw connections * Steward Explain definition * Brand Steward What is its relevance in the Brand context How do people feel about being called ‘Steward’ Instill a sense of pride * 14 * 15 * Brand Explain definition Explain importance of ‘earned a place...’ ‘Brand-Building’ is much more than advertising * * * * * * A to Z Explain process Essentially about spontaneous word association Done by a small group (say 8 to 10) who know the brand/ consumer well, including client team. Helps to bring in articulate people who may not be involved directly with the brand Spontaneity helps in two ways - overcomes suppressed feelings and emotions - because of ‘ping-ponging’ articulacy improves Note: A trained facilitator is critical for the process to be productive * * Photo-montage Raguletto - Australia Explain key difference between A-Z (verbal bank) and Photomontage (visual bank) Main advantage lies in working with consumers to pull overlap


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