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新目标中考英语重点短语归纳.doc 7页

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PAGE 新目标中考英语重点短语归纳 put down 放下 shut down 把…关上 cut down 砍掉 come down下来、落下 slow down 减缓、放慢 sit down 坐下 write down 写下 get down 下来,降落 2. after all 毕竟.终究 after that 于是.然后 day after day 日复一日地 one after another 相继.挨次 soon after 不久以后 the day after tomorrow 后天 3. come up with 找到、提出 catch up with 赶上 wake up 弄醒、醒来 send up 发射 open up 开设、开办 grow up 长大 pick up 拾起、捡起 hands up 举手 eat up 吃光 clean up 打扫干净 give up doing sth.=stop doing sth. 放弃做某事 4. arrive at/in + n. 到达 get to +n.到达 reach + n.到达 arrive / get +adv.到达 5. get…back 退还, 送回去.取回 give back 归还 come back 回来 at the back of 在…的后面 on the way (back)home 在回家路上 6. at least 至少 at breakfast 早餐时 at desk 在桌前 at once 立刻,马上at school 在上学 at the same time 同时 at work 在工作 be good at=do well in 善长 laugh at 嘲笑 not…at all 一点也不 at first 起初 at night 在晚上 at noon 中午 at the age of // when sb. was…years old 在…岁时 at last / in the end / finally 最后、终于 at the beginning of the twenty-first century在21世纪初 at the end of 在…终点、结尾 at the moment /now 现在 at the foot of在…脚下at Christmas 在圣诞节 at any moment 任何时候 at times(sometimes)有时, 偶尔at the doctor’s 在医务室 be bad at不善长 7. for example 例如 for ever 永远 be good for 对…有益 be bad for对…有害 for long=for a long time 长期 for short 简称 be short for是…的简称 TV is short for “television” 8. come true 实现 come down 下来 come from=be from 来自, 出生于 come in/into 进入,进来 come on 赶快 come over 过来 come along 走吧,过来,快点come and go 来来去去 come up 上来 come out 出来,(花)开,(照片)冲洗出来 9. even though=even if 即使、虽然、尽管 10. be pleased with 对…感到满意 be covered with 被…覆盖 be expected to do sth.被期望做某事 be proud of 以…自豪 speak highly of 称赞 be afraid of害怕 hear of听说 (hear from sb


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