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amount to: be equal to; add up to相当于;总计 <examples> The tuition fee amounts to ten thousand yuan. In 1959 the combined value of U.S. imports and exports amounted to less than 9 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. put stress, pressure, or strain on 加压力于;使紧张 <examples> A person who is stressed typically has anxious thoughts and difficulty concentrating or remembering. I must stress that what I say is confidential. in abundance 充足;丰富 <examples> By the mid-15th contury paper was available in abundance There was good food in abundance, far more than we could ever hope to eat. spring up: appear, develop, quickly and suddenly迅速发展(或生长);突然出现 <examples> New professional training schools sprang up all over the country. Fast food restaurants are springing up all over the city. A strong wind seemed to have sprung up from nowhere. be doomed to: (sth.) be certain to happen, and you can do nothing to prevent it be doomed to sth. Be doomed to do sth. 命定;注定 <examples> Their plan seemed to be doomed to failure. He thought that he was doomed to spend the rest of this life in a wheelchair. 全新版大学英语第四册 Unit 6 The Place of Life In this Unit ,you will… ★ Pre-reading task ★ Text-analysis ★ Words and expressions ★ Class assignments ★ Writing skills As the pace of life in today’s world grows ever faster ,we seem forever on the go. With so much to do and so little time to do it in, how are we to cope? Richard Tomkins sets about OLD FATHER TIME BECOMES A TERROR ???????????????????????????????? Richard Tomkins 1. Once upon a time, technology, we thought, would make our lives easier. Machines were expected to do our work for us, leaving us with ever-increasing quantities of(许多的,大量的) time to waste away on idleness(n.闲散;无所事事) and pleasure. 2. But instead of liberating us, technology has enslaved(vt.使成为奴隶,奴役) us. Innovations are occurring at a bewildering(a.令人困惑的;费解的) rat


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