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Unit two Heroes Words and useful expressions. hero…a person , especially a man who is admired by many people for doing sth brave and good. heroine heroic deeds heroism bull-cow cock—hen host..hostess king…queen prince…princess calm 1) adj….not worried or angry; quiet It is important to keep/stay calm in an emergency. a calm cloudless day 2) v. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. generous(adj.) giving or willing to give freely That boy is always generous in giving help. She is generous with her money. It is generous of him to pay for us be mean with one’s money violent(adj.)…violently(adv.) Children should not be allowed to watch violent movies. a violent attack a violent headache violence non-violence protest 5.character the characters in the novels of Charles Dickens Chinese characters His character is different from his wife’s.(They are different in character.) the character of the desert landscape characteristic(adj./n.) 6 admire(vt.) We admire him for his success in business. admirer admiration admiring(adj.) give sb. admiring glances receive admiring glances 7.be cruel to cruelty 8.be famous for…be well known for be famous as …be known as be famous to ….be known to She is famous for her novels. She is famous as a novelist. Her novels are famous to people all over the country. Lesson One Modern Heroes Words and expressions hear of/about hear from sb=receive a letter from sb How do you feel about…? How do you find….? How do you like…? What do you think of/about…? What’s your opinion of…? China’s first manned space flight China’s first manned spaceship man(vt.) 给......配置人员 man the boat with experienced hands a warship manned experienced officers flight…the act of flying All flights have been cancelled because of fog. in the first/top flight 名列前茅 be related to Experts believe that the large number of cancer cases in that area is directly related to the new chemical factory. afterwards(adv.)…at a later time Afterwards she was sorry for what s


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