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Topic: Internet Marketing E-Marketing vs. marketing Internet demographics Advantages New contagions of information Impact on Product Mix New innovation paradigm First A Few Facts E-Marketing ≠ sales Marketing plan ≠ e-Marketing plan Most organizations have no: Marketing strategy Marketing plan e-Marketing plan Brand advocacy strategy Good news: The Internet keeps on growing Bad news: Getting harder to be found Baseline Definition of e-Marketing Customer Integrated Into Process E-Marketing: More Than Just Your Website Global Online Population Currently about 1.2 billion Projected to grow to 1.8 billion by 2010 Websites Worldwide U.S. Online Ad Spending: 5.9% of the $285 billion total U.S. advertising market in 2006 Advantages Democratization of advertising Reach: Collapsing barriers of time space Lower risk of product / services innovation Lower cost / higher ROI Digitization of all information Virtual supply chains Virtual markets Virtual real-time interaction with customers suppliers Scalability Ability to coalesce and reach increasingly fragmented markets Streamline business process Strategic Advantages Create new sources of competitive advantage More direct distribution model Reengineer the supply chain Invent new business models Target underserved segments Lower price barrier New delivery methods to reduce capital expenditure and pricing Create more efficient marketplace Create a “virtuous cycle” Benefit of Creating A “Virtuous Cycle” Reduce the risk of guessing by letting the community define the need, want, problem, and value proposition Speed development cycles Create precise features / value Create brand advocates Community endorsement Recognize Elements of Value Creation: Generic Value Chain Traditional Industry Supply Chain Rearrange Your Supply Chain: Create More Strategic Symbiotic B2B Relationships Think in terms of solving the common objectives, interests, and obstacles. Pursue common challenges. Pursue common goals. Remove common obstacles.


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