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海园教育初中英语-- 首字母填空解题技巧 ;中考英语笔试题型;首字母填空概述 ;解题的步骤;解题四大技巧;1. 通读全文,了解大意;2.复读短文抓信息,前后照应巧猜词 ;3.反复推敲多分析,慎重答题讲合理;4.认真复查全文,把握整体和词性;句子篇; 1. I like neither winter nor summer in a year.   2. We hear with our ears .   3. A stamp is used for sending letters.   4. The village is too small. You can't find it on the map .   5. Yesterday he bought a dictionary. It cost him 50 yuan.   6. Your trousers are dirty . You must wash them. 哪两题比较容易出错呢?;请说出你的判断依据 请说出哪几题要特别注意检查?检查什么?;  14. In Wuhan it‘s very hot in summer, and very cold in winter.   15. I could look after myself well when I was ten. 16. We usually have three meals a day.   17. It‘s very cold. Please close the door .   18. We often water the young trees in summer.   19. People use money to buy all kinds of things.   20. Most people write with their right hands. ;后续的工作;mini段落篇;通过上下文联系(瞻前顾后);ountries;;;完整段落篇;Many peole want to know about the UFO.Do you b 1 there are UFOs in the world? Some people do. They say they have seen it with their own eyes. James Green is one of them. He had a very unusual e 2 on October 2, 2012. “It’s too strange!” he says. That day, he r 3 his bike to the countryside. He wanted to play with some friends. They all arrived there on time. Then they began to play games. U 4 for James, he didn’t feel well after some time. S 5 he went back home alone . On the way, he passed by a factory. He saw two white lights shining b 6 over the chimney of the factory. He felt s 7 because he never saw such things before. So he got off his bike. He went up for a closer l 8 . He could see a twenty-foot-long cigar shaped object. Each end had a white light, and it moved over the chimney. After a while it made a light sound and t 9 off it’s lights. So he couldn’t see it. That night, a woman reported the UFO to the police. And the police station received many c 10 . However, they couldn’t


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