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信访稳定风险评估报告书 、 评估项目: 桑达太阳能项目 评估时间: 2009年10月 undertaking, strengthen the construction of party and Government personnel. To vigorously implement the "capacity building" project, solution engineering immigrants safe haven and other key projects, key projects as the main capacity-building and their own business, Act big, good, capable to do difficult things, high standards and a high level, and constantly enhancing the development of leadership capacity. Focusing on precision of poverty, strengthen the construction of practical personnel in rural areas. Around the development of practice, a village if there are several talents cultivation, processing, marketing, can promote the development of the village, village of JI Zhen an Peng is a People driving a village, Sun Qingyuan back in business as branch Secretary, Ann village has changed dramatically. County Social Welfare Bureau, agriculture Bureau, the Immigration Department (unit) will increase its training of rural talents, pay attention to the strong desire to learn, cultural foundation of "local people" skills training, role play capable drive getting rich, focused on creating a support national policy, Fu Fu and strong talent. With the development of urbanization, especially promotion of hedging relief project, communities of immigrants have been staying, need more community management personnel. The relevant town (Street) to co-ordinate focus on Community Affairs, Social Affairs, public service, protection of migrant people into community, sharing the good life. Laohuzhen Qian BU Zi Cun Jie Qingli, after participating in the e-business training courses throughout the County using learned knowledge of electrical contractor, registered the "Chen of Dongping Lake fish produce" shop, forming a home order online order business model 一、评估项目 位于新港办事处南街村一组的桑达太阳能项目。 二、评估程序 1、组建评估组 组 长:高海周,新港办事处党工委书记, 副组长:王金伟,新港办事处纪委书记、综治办主任, 王 兴,新港办事处党工委委员、副主任, 成 员:苏水森,北区区长, 张建伟,监察审计室主任, 刘彦峰,信访办主任, 刘 军,土地建设环保办, 刘俊平,包村干部, 侯中法,南街村


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