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外研版高中英语必修5 全册导学案 外研版高中英语必修5学案 目 录 Module 1 British and American English Module 2 A Job Worth Doing Module 3 Adventure in Literature Module 4 Carnival Module 5 The Great Sports Personality Module 6 Animals in Danger 外研版高中英语必修5学案 Module 1 British and American English —英国英语和美国英语 核心词汇 1.It makes no ____________(差别) to me whether he goes or not. 2.The man speaks French with an English ____________ (口音). 3.At the end of the game players traditionally ____________(交换)shirts with each other. 4.These standards have been ____________(采用)by many states,counties,and cities. 5.My teaching style is ____________(相似的)to that of most other teachers. 6.The problem is so ____________(令人迷惑的)that few people can work it out. 7.My careful writing results from many______(参考)to a dictionary. 8.She took a complex topic and ____________(简化)it in a way that we could all understand. 9.It’s ____________ from what he said that something was wrong.____________,he needed help.(obvious) 10.It is often useful to make a ____________.If you ____________ her work with his,you may know the difference.____________ with his work,as she often said,she had a long way to go.(compare) 1.difference  2.accent  3.exchange 4.adopted  5.similar  6.confusing 7.references  8.simplified 9.obvious;Obviously  10.comparison;compare;Compared 高频短语 1.________________在……方面有共同之处 2.________________ 有影响;使不相同 3.________________ 四处走动(旅行) 4.________________ 与……相似 5.________________ 做某事有困难 6.________________ 引起,导致 7.________________ 同意,支持 8.________________ 称……为…… 9.________________ 幸亏;多亏 10.________________ 排队 11.________________ 学会地方语言 12.________________ 消失;减弱 1.have...in common 2.make a difference 3.get around4.be similar to 5.have difficulty(in)doing sth. 6.lead to7.in favour of 8.refer to...as 9.thanks to 10.stand in line 11.pick up the local accent 12.wear off 重点句式 1.Americans use a flashlight,________________ for the British,it’s a torch. 美国人把手电筒称为flashlight,而英国人却叫它torch。 2.A L


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