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Unit Two Ceremonial Address Unit Objectives (单元目标) After reading this unit, you should understand how to make a short-term preparation for the interpreting tasks. find ways to improve your interpreting skills and performance. master the basic words and expressions about ceremonial address. know some cultural background knowledge about ceremonial address. Preparing I. Interpreting Skills (口译技能) Read the following presentation about short-term preparation. Try to understand what and how to prepare for the interpreting tasks in the short run. Then complete the following task: Suppose you are going to work as an interpreter for a businessman who is going to make a ceremonial address. How are you going to prepare for it and what questions are you going to ask if you are able to contact the organizer or the speaker before the interpretation starts? Work in groups and work out a question list. Preparing Training (II): Short-term Preparation(短期准备) Short-term preparation in interpreting refers to the job that can only be prepared shortly before the interpreting task is taken. In contrast with long-term preparation, short-term preparation is more direct and concrete, as each interpreting task is different from one another. The interpreter works for different speakers and on different subjects. In real interpreting situations, pre-interpreting preparation is usually referred to as short-term preparation. What to Prepare? After an interpreter has accepted an interpreting assignment, they shall start to prepare for the task immediately. Following are the essential items that the interpreter shall prepare. 1. Meeting Documents The meeting documents are a great help to the interpreters. It is advisable for interpreters to ask the organizer to provide the complete documentation(文件)and background information for the task as early as possible, such as the meeting schedule(时间表), list of participants(参加者), introduction of the keynote speakers(主题发言人)etc. He must try to und


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