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高考英语一轮复习Unit3Computers单元知识检测课件新人教版必修2.ppt 14页

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单元知识检测 教材回扣 Ⅰ.用本单元所学短语完成句子 1.I think he’s just going to                 (处理这 个问题) another day.? 2.                (在……的帮助下) this machine,we can make a new product.? 3.While I am away,please          (照看) my pets.? 答案:1. deal with this problem  2.With the help of 3.watch over  4.More and more pollution has          (导致) many species’ dying out.? 5.          (决不) should you lose heart when you are faced with difficulties.? 答案:4.resulted in 5.In no way Ⅱ.课文缩写填空   I was born in 1642 in France.After I was programmed by an 1.    (operate) who used cards with holes,I could think logically.In 1936,my real father,Alan Turing,described how computers could be made 2.    (solve) any difficult mathematical problem by building a 3.    (universe) machine.People were surprised at my artificial intelligence.At first,I was as large as a room.4.     time going by,I was made smaller and smaller.In the early 1960s,I got a family 5.    (connect) by a network.My memory became so large 6.    even I couldn’t believe it.And my memory has developed so much that I never forget anything.I could share information with others and talk to each other 7.     the World Wide Web.Since the 1970s,many 8.    (apply) have been found for me.For example,once I was used 9.    (explore) the Moon and Mars.Now I’m filled with 10.    (happy) that I am a devoted friend and helper of the human race.? 答案:1.operator  2.to solve 3.universal 4.With 5.connected  6.that 7.through 8.applications 9.to explore  10.happiness 语境活用 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.Interruptions are one of the worst things      (deal) with while you’re trying to get work done.(2017全国Ⅱ,七选五)? 2.     (personal) speaking,I don’t care for the Jazz.? 3.As a result,I      (total) changed my shape.? 4.We still have a lot of problems      (solve).? 5.He likes      (explore) his interest in English.? 答案:1.to deal 2.Personally 3.totally 4.to solve 5.exploring 6.Mary was      (signal) wildly at us,but we didn’t notice.? 7.If you are interested,please send an   


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