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PAGE 2 W REF workshopnumber \h W REF workshopnumber \h 4.PAGE 11 Copyright 2005 ABAQUS, Inc. REF coursetitle \h Structural-Acoustic Analysis with ABAQUS Workshop 4 Underwater shock analysis Keywords Version Copyright 2005 ABAQUS, Inc. Structural-Acoustic Analysis with ABAQUS Note: This workshop provides instructions in terms of the ABAQUS Keywords interface. If you wish to use the ABAQUS GUI interface instead, please see the “Interactive” version of these instructions. Please complete either the Keywords or Interactive version of this workshop. Goals When you complete this workshop, you will be able to: Set up and analyze underwater shock problems. Determine the transient shock response of a submerged cylinder excited by a blast load. Understand the concept and the implementation of the Scattered Wave formulation. Define acoustic excitation loads via the *INCIDENT WAVE option. Add reflective surfaces and examine the change in results. Introduction For this workshop, we will study a classical underwater shock example problem: a submerged infinitely long elastic cylinder excited by a planar shock wave from a charge that is relatively close to the structure. The effect of the pressure wave reflecting off the bottom surface (the seabed) is included in the second part of this workshop. In this workshop you will add important modeling details to complete the supplied analysis input file that already contains basic modeling data such as node, element, and material definitions, which will help you to leverage the ABAQUS and acoustics knowledge that you have accumulated thus far, and quickly determine the user inputs required in underwater shock analyses. Case 1: Infinite cylinder without bottom reflection The infinite cylinder excited by a plane wave is a two-dimensional problem with a single plane of symmetry. The half-model for this problem is shown in Figure W4-1. The infinite cylinder is fully submerged in the fluid so that free surface effects are negligib


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