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The Infinitive;To do that sort of thing is foolish。;1. 作主语;2. 作宾语;2)v+只跟doing finish/complete / enjoy/ mind/ practise/ consider/ suggest/advise/ miss/ avoid/ admit/ deny/ permit/ allow/forbid/imagine/understand/include/risk/delay… keep(on)/ give up/ insist on /succeed in/ feel like / put off/ be worth/ be used to / look forward to … I enjoy playing basketball. She practises playing the piano for an hour every day. 但是advise/ consider/allow/ permit/forbid/ admit sb to do sth He advised going on a trip to Guangzhou. He advised us to go on a trip to Guangzhou.;3)V+to do/doing 区别不大。 begin /start /like/love/hate/dislike…;need/want/require ;3. 宾语补足语:;2)感官动词类(V + sb. + do sth.) see/ hear/ notice/ find/ watch/ look at/ hear/ listen to/ feel/ smell… I often hear them sing the song in the next room . We watched them play football . ;1.He was made _________. go B. gone C. going D. to go 2.Though he had often made his little sister _____, today he was made _____by his little sister. cry;to cry B. crying;crying cry;cry D. to cry;cry ;注意;注意;注意;4. 作表语;5. 作状语;不定式作结果状语;—Can the project be finished as planned? ?? —Sure,______ it completed in time ,we’ll work two more hours a day. A. having got????????B. to get????????C. getting?????? D. get —He hurried to the station only ______ that the train had left.? A. to find?????? B. finding??????C. found??????D. to have found? Daddy didn’t mind what we were doing, as long as we were together,_____ fun. A. had?????? B. have?????? C. to have?????? D. having ; ;不定式与它修饰的名词是逻辑上的动宾关系,且主语是不定式中的动词所表示动作的逻辑主语或在句中能找到其逻辑主语。 He has a lot of work to do today. Do you have anything more to say 区别:Are you going to the ball to be held on New Year’s Eve? ;1.Frank is the kind of person who people like to ________. make friend with B. make friends of C. make friends D. make friends with 2.The?assistant?works?very?hard.?She?is?always?the?first?_____?and?the?last?_____. A.?come,?leave???B.?coming,?leaving?? C.?to?come,?to


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