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英文原文 Design Considerations for Construction of the Qinling Tunnel Using TBM Abstract-- In the design of Qinling Tunnel, several problems had to be taken into account because of the use of TBM. In this pape, design issues in the construction of Qinling Tunnel are introduced and analyzed. Key Words: Qinling Tunnel, Design Introduction Qinling Tunnel, of the Xi'an-to-AnKang railway, lies in the middle of the northern Qinling mountains in ShanXi Province, China. The high mountains and deep alleys in this area make the geology and terrain conditions very complicated, so the project is very difficult. Beginning in 1990, various design and construction plans, involving drilling and blasting, TBM, and the combination of drilling and blasting with TBM, were studied. In consultation with experts, the various elements of design, scientific research, management and construction were evaluated. Project designers visited overseas project sites with similar conditions, and considered technology exchange with several foreign TBM makers and experienced contractors. As a result, many technical problems of each plan were solved. On January 18, 1995, work formally began on the parallel headings. Several of the major engineering technical problems involving the construction of Qinling Tunnel using the TBM method are briefly discussed in this paper. 1. General Plan of the Qinling Tunnel 1.1 Main Factors of Plan Option The design standard of the Xi'an -Ankang line is an electrified single track with allowance for preservation of a double line, but the proposed tunnel will be built in double tracks. After several years of research on the geology and potential location of tile super-long tunnel through mountains, the scheme of two parallel single-track tunnels was adopted, considering the factors described below. Service functions of the super-long tunnel The two parallel single-line tunnels plan has advantages in terms of the mdntenance, accident prevention andaccident rescue


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