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分析和比较开放和封闭的移动平台——安卓和苹果系统外文翻译.doc 18页

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An Analysis and Comparison of Open and Closed Mobile Platforms Android vs. iPhone 1. Introduction In recent years, the popularity of smart phone kept going up. More and more smart phones are sold anda lot of people are embracing them. Smart phones brought great convenience to users, as well created opportunities for smart phone researchers. That’s to say, the wide spread of smart phones benefited both sides. At the same time, developing of smart phone OS becomes one of the smartest industry. To be a smart phone OS, the system should: 1. Provide services like a PC. 2. Work with a GPU for better visual effects. 3. Allow the user to surf on Internet freely. And apparently, there’re also some weaknesses:1.Limited battery. 2. Poor CPU performance against PC CPU. 3. Small storage. 4. The use of RAM may leads to loss of data when the phone runs out of battery Now the 2 giants of smart phone OS are Android and iPhone OS. On one side, Android is based on Linux kernel and Dalvik virtual machine, and it is open sourced. The upper layer of Android is Java based,allowing developers to develop Android applications with Google SDK and sell their software in Android Market. On the other side, iPhone OS, which bases on Unix kernel and Darwin model but is closed sourced,evolves from Mac OS X and is the default OS of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Objective C based software can run in iPhone OS, and just like Android, you can develop your own iPhone applications and upload them onto Apple’s ‘App Store’ for sale . By comparing the latest Android and iPhone OS, Android 2.2 Froyo and iOS 4, we can take a glimpse at the main feature of open and closed smart phone OSs. While the 2 OSs are designed in rather different mentality and functionality, it’s a little early to tell which one is better. 2. Smart Phone OS 2.1. Android The system architecture of Android consists of 5 layers, which are Linux Kernel, Android Runtime, Libraries, Application Framework and Applications,


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