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    Numbers 英语数字文化

    Culture of Numbers and Translation 数字文化与翻译 1. General introduction of culture of numbers: Different cultural connotations-- In general, odd numbers(奇数) are considered to be lucky in English-related culture, while in Chinese culture even numbers (偶数) are thought to bring good luck. Idioms with numbers are the central core and cream of languages, reflecting the wisdom of human being. As rhetorical devices of hyperbole and analogy, idioms with numbers make language more concise, vivid, colorful and comprehensible. Some idioms with numbers in Chinese : 一荣俱荣,一损俱损(Injure one and you injure them all; honor one and you honor them all);一箭双雕 ; 二一添作五(平分,均摊, go fifty-fifty); 略知一二; 三句话不离本行;四海之内,皆兄弟也;五光十色; 六神无主;十五个吊桶打水, 七上八下; 八字还没一撇;八九不离十;九牛二虎之力;十年树木,百年树人;不管三七二十一; 三十六计,走为上策;五十步笑百步 (The pot calls the kettle black);千里姻缘一线牵;万般皆下品,惟有读书高(To be a scholar is to be the top of society/Only the learned rank high, all other trades are low), etc. Some idioms with numbers in English culture: one-horse town(乡村小镇); in twos and threes (in small numbers 三三两两,稀稀拉拉);in two twos (转瞬, 转眼间);put two and two together (根据所见所闻推断); three-score and ten(古稀之年); four-letter word (粗俗下流词);four leaf (幸运草); to be flung to the four winds(被抛到九霄云外); five fingers( 三只手,扒手); fifth wheel (累赘);take the fifth(以美国宪法修正案第五条作庇护拒绝回答,避而不答);at sixes and sevens (乱七八糟); one over the eight (醉得疯疯癫癫); have nine lives (命大, 九死一生);nine days’ wonder ( 轰动一时的人或事); take five/ten (小憩); ten to one(十之八九,很可能);the upper ten/the upper ten thousand (上层社会,贵族阶级); the eleventh hour ( 最后时刻,危急关头); strike twelve (表现出全部才能);run/go/talk nineteen to the dozen (喋喋不休);go fifty-fifty(平分,均摊);like sixty (快速地,猛烈地,急剧地); one in a thousand (百里挑一); one hundred and one thanks (十分感谢,万分感谢,千恩万谢); have one thousand and one things to do (日理万机); a thousand and one ways (许许多多的方法) ; a thousand miles away (千里之遥), etc. In Chinese, fuzzy numbers (模糊数字)十, 千, 万 are frequently used. In English “ten”, “hundred”, “thousand”,


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