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* When I hung out in a crowed street………… Z: Oh , I want to study ! N: Zhu Ying Tai wants to study in a school just as a man .But she can’t .Because she is a girl .Wearing a man’s clothes ,She is walking in a crowed street . L: I’m Liang Shan Bo .I like music , so I want to go to school to study music .What ? Singing ? No problem ! Hi , music ! Z: Stop ! Guy ! You are so handsome and your voice is so beautiful and your dance is so cool ! Oh , dear ! Perfect ! Handsome ! Cool ! L: Thank you ! Thank you ! Do you like listening to the music ? Z: Yes ! Of course ! (A ~B~C~D~E~F~G…….) L: Er… Good ! Ar ,I want to go to Zhangzhou Normal University to study music . Do you like go with me ? Z: Yes ! So wonderful ! L: OK ! Oh ,we can make brothers to help each other in school . Z: What a clever boy you are ! N: In fact , Zhu Ying Tai has already felt in love with Liang Shan Bo . Now ,they are introducing each other . L: I’m Liang Shan Bo ,18 years old . Zhu: I’m Zhu Ying Tai , 17 years old . N: They make brothers . L: Let’s go to the university . M:I’m Ma Wencai!Money ? Oh ,yeah ! Money is a good guy . I have a lot of money , so, I’m rich . I’m handsome . I’m a genius ! Z,L: Oh , there are different kinds of people in the world ! L: Strange ! Z: Unbelievable ! M: Oh , Look at that man . A boy like a girl ,oh ? A boy or a girl ? That’s a question . N: Liang and Zhu study in school . They all feel very happy .Ying Tai is a girl . But Liang Shan Bo doesn’t know .So ,Ying Tai is afraid …She wants to tell him . Finally , they meet in a small forest . L: What’s the matter ? Your face is so pale . Tell me why . Z: Er…if your friend told a lie , you will … you will … L: I will ask him why he does that and listen to his explainer . Because he may not … Z: I’m a girl ! L: Girl ? If she is a girl , I will … What ? You are a girl ! *


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