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* Section 3: Specimen Letters The agent must be fully conversant with the technical side of the carpets and have a comprehensive understanding of all the features of the line. (本段生产商对代理商提出的要求和条件) If you are interested in representing us in New York, please contact us.(结束语) Yours faithfully, (Signature) manufacture v. (用机器)制造,生产manufacturer n. 制造商 Examples This firm manufactures cars. 这家公司大量生产汽车。 We manufacture door knobs. 我们生产门把手。 artificial adj. 人造的,假的 Examples This drink contains no artificial colors. 这饮料不含任何人造色素。 Aritificial flowers 人造花 artificail silk hand-knotted carpets 人造丝手工地毯 With the steady increase in demand for our products in new markets, we are therefore looking for a sole agent to represent us. 这是在寻求独家代理时,经常用到的表达方式 Translation: 由于我们的产品在新市场的需求稳步增长, 因此,我们正在寻找一个代表我们产品的独 家代理。 agent n. 代理人,代理商 agency n. 代理 Examples: We have appointed an agent for our china ornaments in your city. 我方已在你市委派了陶瓷装饰品的代理人。 Agency is the business or the place of an agent.代理是代理人的业务,代理人办理业务的地点,也可以是代理业务、代理处。 agent n. 代理人,代理商 agency n. 代理 相关的表达有: agency agreement 代理协议 agency commission 代理佣金 sole agency (or exclusive agency) 独家代理 sole agency agreement 独家代理协议 The company has agencies in all parts of Africa. 该公司在非洲各地均有代理。 If you are interested in representing us in New York, please contact us. 该句式是在撰写代理信函时常用的表达方式,经常置于代理信函的结束语。 Translation: 如果您有兴趣担任我公司在纽约的代理商,请与我们联系。 Section 3:Specimen Letters Letter 12.2 经销商申请独家代理的信函 April 10, 2010 Dear Sirs, We are deeply impressed by your goods of high quality and attractive design exhibited at the last Autumn Guangzhou Fair. After reading your full illustrated catalogue and price list, we are convinced that there will be a ready market here for your products. If you have not any representative here, we have the interest in acting as your sole ag


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