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现在完成时专项练习 1. – Where is Mr. Liu? ----- He _______the library. A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in 2. The students have cleaned the classroom , ________? A. so they B. don’t they C. have they D. haven’t they 3. I like Hainan. I ________there three times. A. went B. go C. have been D. have gone 4.We came to Nanjing three years ago, so we ________ here for three years. A. have been to B. have been in C. have been D. have gone 5.- How long ______you_______ your dictionary? - About two months. A. did; buy B. have; get C. have; had D. have; bought 6. He tells me he________ China for over five years. A. has been B. has been in C. has been to D. has gone to 7.________has Mr White been a member of Greener China since he _______ to China? A. How soon , comes B. How often, got C. How long , came D. How far, arrived 8. His uncle________ for more than 9 years. A. has come here B. has started to work C. has lived there D. has left the university 9. He has never surfed, __________(改成反意疑问句)? 10. They have been here since 2000 . (对划线部分提问) __________ have they been here? 11. The old man _________last year. He________ for a year.(die) 12. This factory opened twenty years ago.(改写句子,句意不变) This factory _________ for twenty years. 13. Miss Gao left an hour ago. (同上) Miss Gao___________ __________ an hour ago. 14.The Green Family moved to France two years ago. (同上) _________ two years________ the Green family moved to France. 15. The bus has arrived here. It arrived ten minutes ago. (同上) _____________________________________________. 练习参考答案:


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