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The Logical Framework as an Implementation and.PPT 50页

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The Logical Framework as an Implementation and Monitoring Tool RBEC Environment & Energy Practice Workshop Almaty, Kazakhstan. 6-9 October 2004 John Hough, UNDP GEF BD PTA Reminder: The LogFrame is an Approach not a Matrix Methodology -including a set of tools- to structure and facilitate: project planning project design project management project performance assessment Benefits LFA contributes to: structured project design process- logical sequence transparency- clear objectives, side effects participation- ownership, sustainability consistent project strategy assessment of performance- indicators (ex-post & during implementation) Basic Steps and Elements Problem Analysis Stakeholder Analysis Objectives Analysis Analysis of Alternatives Project Planning Project Planning Matrix (PPM) (the “logframe”) Problem Analysis Establishing “cause and effect” relationships – a “problem tree” “lack of the solution is not the root cause of the problem”! Identifying “lack of knowledge” as the problem means that the solution is already pre-determined: ie. “provide knowledge” Getting people to focus on what they need to do vs. what they want to do is often the biggest challenge in project development Solution Driven Analysis often leads to solving the wrong problem Lessons learned 1. Doing “good work” or “achieving impact”? 2. “Seeing the wood for the trees” Problem Analysis Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder Analysis Problem Analysis cannot be done without Stakeholder Consultation. Every stakeholder views the problem from a different angle. Problem analysis and stakeholder identification and analysis are iterative processes, progress in one almost always means returning to the other. Problem Analysis Stakeholder Analysis Objectives Analysis Objectives Analysis What is the project “going after”? What are the indicators? Problem Analysis Stakeholder Analysis Objectives Analysis Alternative Analysis Alternative Analysis Systematic search for the best proje


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