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考研英语作文15300字:考研胡敏预测英语范文14篇A   如何是作文的时态简单化,以最大程度地避免错误?   参加国际上的任何一场考试,只要是写英语作文,主体上应该是一般现在时态;只有当你提到具体的、过去的、某一事件段发生的具体的某一件事情作为例证时,可以一般过去时。中心时态是简单的一般现在时。   图画作文   以下四篇背诵文章解决该类题型:   第一:对图画进行描述:第二:透过画面点出图画的寓意;第三:发表议论、提出问题方法和建议。   p102 eercise 7   fill in the blanks with appropriate words.   as is shown in the pictures, with the increase of commercial fishing, the number of fishes dramatically decreased. in one picture, there were various kinds of fish and only one fishing-boat in 1900. on the contrary, in 1995 there was only one fish, with many fishing-boats.   the purpose of this picture is to show us that due attention has to be paid to the decline of ocean resources. owing to overfishing the number of fishes has obviously dropped. if we let this situation go/continue as it is, we do not know where fish will be in the future. by that time, our environment will suffer a great destruction.   therefore, it is imperative for us to take drastic measures. for one thing, we should appeal to our authorities to make strict laws to control commercial fishing. for another, we should enhance the awareness of people that the ocean resources are very vital to us. only in this way can we protect our ocean resources. also i believe that we humans can overcome this difficulty, and we will have a brighter future.   p25 范文十   directions:沙进我退,我进沙退   a. study the following cartoon carefully and write an essay in about 200 words.   b. your essay must be written clearly on answer sheet ⅱ.   c. your essay should meet the requirements below:   1. describe the cartoon and the message conveyed   2. draw a conclusion and give your comment on the cartoon.   from the pictures, we can see clearly the relationship between people and the deserts. in the first picture, people are fleeing from greedy sand hills because they cut down all the trees. the caption reads: as the sand advances, we retreat. in the second picture, the people have returned carrying tools, water and young trees to plant the lan


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